Weekly Preview: Travelers Championship

Weekly Preview: Travelers Championship

Brofessional Golfer’s Weekly Preview: Travelers Championship

August 4th-7th

TPC River Highlands

Cromwell, CT


How and When to Watch

Live Coverage:

Thursday and Friday:

3pm – 6pm E.T. on Golf Channel

Saturday and Sunday:

1pm – 2:30pm E.T. on Golf Channel

3pm – 6pm E.T. on CBS


Past 5 Winners

2015 – Bubba Watson (2)

2014 – Kevin Streelman

2013 – Ken Duke

2012 – Marc Leishman

2011 – Fredrik Jacobson


Purse: $6,600,000

Winning Share: $1,188,000

FedEx Points for Winner: 500



The Travelers Championship might seem like any old PGA Tour event, but for the BG Staff here in CT, this tournament is on par with a major (#golfpuns). Arguably since The Whalers left Hartford, The Travelers has been the highlight of the Constitution State. It is one of the most attended PGA events on tour year in and year out. This will be our fourth time attending the tournament and the energy at TPC River Highlands is always palpable. As a Connecticutian, nothing makes me prouder than seeing Chris "The Swami" Berman slugging beers with the common folk at 17. It's really an honor to be a part of such an illustrious event in the beautiful insurance capital of the world, Hartford, Connecticut.

If you don't know much about the Travelers, Bubba Watson is the king here. Connecticut's prodigal son returns to defend his title at TPC River Highlands. He owns this tournament almost as much as Tiger Woods owns Firestone. Okay, maybe not as much as Tiger owns Firestone, but Bubba has already left his mark in Hartford. The dude got his first ever PGA tour victory here in 2010 and reclaimed the title again last year.


In honor of Bubba and the Travelers Championship, we wanted to include a couple video clips highlighting Watson's Hartford excursions:

2013 – Bubba's Triple Bogey on the 16th par 3

First off, I love how David Feherity pokes at Bubba here. Bro, 95% of the blame is on you regardless of what your caddie is telling you. Such a classic Brofessional excuse that a gust of wind picked up upon contact. The triple bogey cost Bubba a chance at victory that year, but don't pull the old "why do I even show up?" line after leaving the double bogey putt short. Only a weekend hacker can drop that line. What did you haul in for 4th place that year Bubb? Oh $292,800? Don't talk like you have Tiger Woods money.


2015 – Bubba Under or Over the Tree?

Some cheeky Connecticut bastard advising Bubba to use a low 4 iron under the tree. I hope he was trolling and not actually thinking his advice would get Bubba thinking. It's kind of a toss up in Connecticut. You have the bros who like to party, but you also have the pompous fucks who legitimately think they are better than everyone else. Anyways, Bubba obviously sticks it and peers back into the crowd to find the guy. The whole thing is great. Bubba hates crowds and probably just people in general, but you kind of develop a soft spot in your heart after this one. Love the banter.

The last clip I couldn't find is when Bubba Watson is teeing off on hole 17 a few years back. He is about to hit a gnarly draw when he abruptly halts his downswing and glares into the crowd. I was in the crowd that day and actually right behind the guys who were talking. Bubba made brief eye contact with me and it felt like he looked into my soul. I peed in my pants a little. Watson's caddie tells the gallery that "if you want to gossip, go do it at home". Honestly, kind of a lame line. He dropped a better one last week at the PGA Championship:

I honesty still to this day think that Bubba thought I was talking that day at the Travelers, but in reality I was as quiet as a field mouse with my dick between my legs.


"Expert" Picks

Schank – Francesco Molinari

Marcello – Justin Thomas

The People's Golfer – Brooks Koepka

Rico Dangles – Zach Johnson


The best part about the Travelers is that pretty much anyone and everyone has a chance to take home the coveted trophy. The scores will be low at TPC River Highlands making this track a common breeding ground for first time tour champions. Bubba is a no brainer pick, but look for some guys on the cusp of the FedEx Cup playoff standings to have big days. I'm looking at you Jon Rahm. In reality, the winner will more than likely be an overweight tour journeyman from the states or a foreigner that nobody has ever heard of.

But regardless of how the tournament shakes out, here's to another year of Bubba Watson bantering with the Connecticut natives.


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