Water: Golf’s Great Enemy

Greenbrier Classic Cancelled

In case you live under a rock, The Greenbrier Classic was cancelled this week due to extensive flooding in White Sulpher Springs and surrounding towns in southeastern West Virginia. If you're wondering how rare it is to have a scheduled tournament cancelled on tour, don't fret young grasshopper, we did the research. This is only the 3rd PGA Tour event to be cancelled due to weather in the last two decades. Yeah, this shit is rare and it should be rare with the technology we have today to dry out soggy courses. But West Virginia didn't just experience some heavy precipitation, it got ravaged by torrential downpours. Check out this video from Bubba Watson:

Mad respect for PGA Tour officials for understanding the recovery and aid of the people impacted by the floods is more important than a little golf action. As much as I adore The Greenbrier course, I'll go a week without the PGA to ensure the resources in the White Sulpher Springs area are being allocated to those in need.

Water is a golfer's kryptonite. Bodies of water alongside a fairway or green can make the difference between scrambling for par and scrambling for triple bogey. It's not just the water nestled on the course that can be problematic. Playing a round of golf in the rain is almost as miserable as only getting a casual thank you hug at the end of the night from a Tinder date girl after I spent $175 dollars on 6 glasses of wine and 3 rounds of appetizers because she originally said she wasn't gonna drink enough wine to split a bottle. 

Bottom line is that water sucks. It really really sucks.


We have included a handful of clips with examples of water tantalizing (most) golfers on the course:


Teemu Selanne's Buddy

This is a website dedicated to golf (and alcohol as I've been told), so just slight shame if you don't know who Teemu Selanne is. Selanne played 21 seasons in the NHL and just retired last year at the tender age of 45. Love the hockey to golf transition for the wily vet. He should have told his pal to take a gentlemen's drop here.


Rory McIlroy Club Throw at the 2015 WGC-Caddilac Championship

I personally love to see this kind of rage from Rory. If you are truly replacing Tiger Woods as NIke's cover man, we're gonna need to see more out of you on and off the course. Tiger had a flock of strippers, what do you have Rory? Show some more fire, maybe get belligerent at a bar after the bartender leaves no head on the top of your Guinness. Regardless, this is a good start.  The icing on the cake here: The WGC was at Trump National and Donald Trump himself personally returned McIlroy's submerged 3-iron.

Donald Trump gives Rory McIlroy 3-iron

"Go back to Northern Ireland with all your sheep"


John Daly Cub Throw at the 2015 PGA Championship

Hell of a toss. We all know Daly is a master of the club throw, but as he gets older, rumors circulated that he couldn't toss the ole' 6-iron like he used to. Silence the critics. John definitely still slings the horseshoes and takes names at family barbeques. 


Water is not a death sentence on the golf course, it can be overcome.


Hunter Mahan Submerged Shot at the 2011 TOUR Championship

Okay, semi-submerged but still a marvelous shot. We'd all love to take the socks and shoes off, roll up the pants, and mimic Mahan on our public tracks, but being that you are not going to break 100 regardless, that Top Flite can be left in the pond. 


Vijay Singh Water Skip at the 2009 Masters Practice Round

The definition of: anything you can do I can do better. Legends do legendary things so can't say I'm surprised here.


Hot Chicks Show us how to Skip a Ball over Water

Bro, water ain't so bad.


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