Tiger Woods Withdraws From The Safeway Open And I’ve Lost Faith In Humanity

I should've known. I shouldn't be fucking surprised here. My excitement for Tiger Woods to return to the game of golf overshadowed the reality of this situation. I really wanted to make golf great again. Making golf great again would make america great again. Can anyone say with a straight face that Tiger Woods will actually return to the game of golf before he dies? This is troubling for the golf community. Golf has clearly lost it's pizzazz since Tiger started sucking. For example, Adidas is trying to sell Taylormade. Nike gave up making golf equipment. And most recently, Golfsmith filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

The golf world is struggling. We need Tiger Woods more than ever. I'd say there is about a 0.2% chance that another golfer comes along with the ideal combo of swag and skill that Tiger Woods possessed in his prime. You know what pisses me off the most of this whole situation? Jesper fucking Parnevik. You fucking attention whore. The dude has the nerve to say Tiger Woods is "flushing everything in practice" and that Tiger is like the "Tiger Woods of 15 years ago". Who the fuck are you Jesper? All I know is that you are an irrelevant former professional golfer and you wear your hat like an absolute squid:

Jesper Parnevik

The last thing I'll say about Tiger Woods is that his excuse for not being ready to return is pussy shit: "My game is not ready to play against the best in the world." At least go out there and try to knock some golf balls around. America would appreciate it if you give the ole' college try. Even if he were to miss the cut, but kept trying day in and day out at each tournament, America loves a good underdog story. 

Do it for the TV ratings, do it for the sponsors, do it for the fans. Do it for the story, Tiger.

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