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Guide to Attending PGA Tour Event

Bro Guide to Attending a PGA Tour Event

The Brofessional Golfer staff recently attended the Travelers Championship in Cromwell, CT. Attending a PGA tournament is a severely underrated experience...

Kenny Powers Golf Cart

The Need for Golf Carts

If you’re like us at Brofessional Golfer, walking eighteen holes is not an ideal way to enjoy a round of...

Golf: American Flag Sunrise

Golf: The All-American Game

As you are probably well aware by now, this site is easily one of the top ten most patriotic sites...

Horrible Bosses Drinking Scotch in the morning

Tee Time Drinking Strategy

The Effect of Tee Time on Drinking Style There are a number of reasons to love the game of golf....

Shooter McGavin sipping a martini while egging on Happy Gilmore

Hard Liquor on the Golf Course?

Let’s not cut any corners here. Odds are, if you’re reading this than you enjoy alcohol more than the average...