Smylie Kaufman Is A Huge Harambe Supporter And We Love It

Does anyone love Harambe more than Smylie Kaufman? Smylie has clearly already establised himself as an icon in bro culture and we're on board.

First came the Natural Light sponsorship that shocked the world:



A photo posted by (@brofessionalgolfer) on



Then we had the Cleveland 58 degree wedge with the "RIP Harambe" engravement, which was subtle yet effective:


Followed by Smylie's unofficial fan club, Smylie's Army, creating and getting help from Kaufman himself to promote this gorgeous shirt on twitter:


Now most recently, via Snapchat, we were able to get a glimpse of Smylie's newest Harambe swag:

Smylie Kaufman Harambe Jersey

Smylie Kaufman Harambe Jersey

I am blown the fuck away. Smylie is the bro golfer we need. #MakeGolfGreatAgain. Professional golf needs this as much as they might not like to admit it. It's 2016, get rid of the fucking "gentlemen's game" label that was created back when Lincoln was running around trying to abolish slavery. The PGA Tour and the golf industry have been on a nightmarish roller coaster over the past few years. We don't have Tiger canoodling with hookers anymore. Dustin is clean and has a child now. Adidas is trying to sell Taylormade. Nike gives up making golf equipment. And most recently, Golfsmith files for bankruptcy. 

Luckily, we have bros like Smylie on the forefront of trying to #MakeGolfGreatAgain. I'm on board Smylie. You're the captain now.

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