The Return of Tiger Woods

As you may or may not know, Brofessional Golfer has been mouse-like quiet throughout November. We’ve suspended the majority of our content for the rest of the calendar year as we revamp our strategy and gear up for a strong 2017 and beyond. Our shareholders have been chomping at the bit like John Daly waiting for his buffalo chicken sandwich at Hooters. Do not fret, the masterminds of Brofessional Golfer are discussing the plan for how we are going to absolutely destroy and dominate 2017:

Wolf of Wall Street

If you read or skimmed over my Anti-Tiger Woods post, then you know how displeased the Brofessional Golfer staff was with Tiger Woods conceding from the Safeway Open back in mid-October. Personally, I’m still feeling the effects of blue balls, but that should all be gone by Thursday.

Tiger Woods is back. Officially. Write it down. Mail it to the wife and kids. I thought about playing the old “I’ll believe it when I see it” card here, but I love and appreciate Tiger Woods way too much to go down that rabbit hole this time. Golf needs Tiger back more than a white male in the Northeast needs a Vineyard Vines vest in the fall. One after another, companies are waving the white flag in the golf industry. Are there other factors besides Tiger Woods’ absence? Abso-fucking-lutely and trust me, there will be a much more intellectual post on the plethora of reasons golf has been in the toilet, but you’re gonna have to hang tight for that one.

Tiger Woods returns to professional golf after a 15 month hiatus. The dude is healthy, he’s looking good, and he is ready to be competitive at the Hero World Challenge. The two questions you should be asking now are: 1) What the fuck is the Hero World Challenge? and 2) Is Tiger really actually going to be competitive?

1) The Hero World Challenge is a tournament that began in 1999 hosted by Tiger Woods himself, which benefits the Tiger Woods Foundation. The field is super small with only 18 top-ranked golfers competing.  This year, the tournament is being played in the Bahamas. Suns out guns out gentlemen!

Albany New Providence Bahamas Golf

The course is part of the most exclusive resort in the Bahamas. It is lit.


How and When to Watch:

Live TV Coverage:

Thursday and Friday: Golf Channel – 1:30-4:30pm ET

Saturday: Golf Channel – 12-2:30pm ET. NBC – 2:30-5pm ET

Sunday: Golf Channel – 11am-1pm ET, NBC – 1-4pm ET

*Tiger Woods tees off at 12pm ET on Thursday

*Check out our Guide to Watching Golf at Work


2) Will Tiger Woods be a true competitor?

It’s tough to gauge how competitive Tiger Woods is going to be in the Hero World Challenge. He will be playing against 17 of the top-ranked golfers in the world. In other words, he can come in dead last and still play extremely respectable golf. As of Tuesday, Bovada lists Tiger Woods at 33/1, which is only better than Zach Johnson at 40/1.

Full up to date odds via Bovada here.

Personally, I am not touching Tiger with a ten foot pole. I’m not saying he is gonna suck up the joint, but waltzing into the Bahamas and beating the elite of the elite after a year plus long hiatus is like a Rocky movie on steroids. It’s a fairytale that ESPN and Disney are chomping at the bit to witness and it ain’t gonna happen.

The Greatest Game Ever Played

A true golf fan should just be hoping that Tiger Woods finishes the tournament physically unscathed. It wouldn’t shock me if Tiger took another hiatus from golf after the Hero World Challenge. Maybe not a 15 month break, but a break nonetheless. He wants to compete in his own tournament to show everyone there is still juice in the tank. But if you think Tiger Woods is all of a sudden going to transform into a weekly competitor during golf’s “offseason”, you’ve got another thing coming.

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