PLAYERS Championship Week: Best of TPC Sawgrass

It's PLAYERS week baby! We're licking our chops over here just thinking of the vivid greens, pearly bunkers, and plethora of agua that forges the illustrious TPC Sawgrass. For the amount of hype The PLAYERS receives, you'd think it was a major tournament. 

We've decided to throw together some noteworthy videos for your viewing pleasure. Spoiler alert, most of these videos are from the memorable 17th par 3, but it's all about the fanfare at Brofessional Golfer. We wanted to share videos that would result in "Oh Shit!" reactions. If you're looking for some par 4 highlights, you are out of luck, bro. I'll shut up now, just watch:


Tiger Woods and the Old Triple Breaker

So. Much. Swag. The pinstripe Nike polo is the icing on the cake. Tiger is also better than most at (insert stripper joke here).


Fred Couples On The Fly Hole in Three

Freddie Couples just being Freddie Couples. So nonchalant and effortless on that second shot. It's all in the hips.


The Infamous Seagull

Dude, after all that you've got to hold onto the ball.


Matt Kuchar Getting Crafty

Honestly, as much as I love Kuchar, I wanted to see him try to hit it square, tumble into the pond, then proceed to wrestle an alligator. If he wins, he resides in golf folklore. If he loses, he resides in golf folklore still. C'mon Matty, for the story, bro.


This Underrated Guy Sneaking into the TPC Sawgrass Player's Locker Room

This guy is Slinging Birdies – kind of lives the dream, he has a damn good time traveling to PGA courses and reviewing golf products. That rogue barber's chair in the dark clubhouse room is obviously a torture chamber for the lowest round shot each day during the tournament. Look out Kevin Na. 


The Olympic Turtle Dive

Not a perfect form, but it's the imperfections that make it.


Last but not least, Rickie Fowler's majestic shot on 17th to lock up the 2015 PLAYERS Championship

Buckle up, the 2016 PLAYERS Championship is here.


2016 PLAYERS Championship Preview

2016 PLAYERS Championship Picks


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