Zero F*%ks Given: In Honor of John Daly

John Daly PGA Winner Birthday

"I can tell you one thing, I've done this my way.”- John Daly

So I was gonna write this post yesterday when it was actually John Daly's birthday but I went out after work and got drunk. Like really drunk. The kind of drunk where you say some things to coworkers you can't take back. Lines were crossed. It's what John would have wanted. This post may be an incoherent, rambling mess, but it's just a reflection of where I'm at today. 

I'm hurting. My hangover cure of a large coffee, Advil, gatorade, and a bagel just aint cutting it. if John were here right now he'd probably call me a pussy, slam a PBR, and light a cigar. Dude is on another level. Your most epic night of partying is a typical Monday night for him. He has a fucking drink named after him for God's sake…tell your Arnold Palmer to shove it by throwing some vodka in there and you've got yourself a John Daly.

Daly couldn't give less of a shit about what people say. I mean c'mon, look at these pants he wore to the British Open:


Those pants scream "THIS GUY FUCKS!". Forget Tiger's epic masters win, Daly winning the British Open in 1995 is the greatest thing to ever happen in golf. This guy has an automatic invite for the rest of his life, so once a year Daly gets to go across the pond and terrorize the British countryside for a weekend. 

I hate the "what if's" for Daly's career. What if he worked out? What if he lived a healthy lifestyle? What if he cared more? Honestly fuck that. The guy gets paid to play GOLF. You don't need to be a superb athlete to win a tournament or two. Look at that slob Phil Mickleson. Him and his man boobs have won a bunch of major tournaments and you don't hear too many people say he needs to lose weight. He does by the way, but whatever. 

Daly is an absolute savage. He smokes, drinks, parties, and does shit like this:

Dude gets after it. He's a national treasure. If he died tomorrow in a pile of hookers and blow somewhere in Vegas we would all smile because we knew he died a happy man. 

If we learned anything from this post it's that I shouldn't write while hungover, but I'm gonna take a quote from Mr. Daly here and say: "I know there's a lot of guys who would love to see me fail. Well, good. Let 'em. I'm glad."

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