How to Pick Up Chicks at the Driving Range

Driving Range, Golf Balls, and Picking Up Chicks

At the end of the day golf is all about getting your balls in that hole. It doesn't matter what stick you use, or the grip on the shaft…if that ball goes in you win.

You can't just step up to the tee on the first hole and think you're gonna get an ace. Unless you're Ron Jeremy because that guy was hitting with a Driver. Practice makes perfect for the rest of us gentlemen who don't have a garden hose for a wiener.

You have to practice properly…here's how you do it:

No Glove No Love:

Sure ladies want a rugged man, but if your hands are covered in blisters and puss there is no fucking way you're going to be fixing her divots.

Chicks Dig the Long Ball:

Nobody stands around the range bragging about their short game. Go big or go home. Chicks dig the long ball. Pull out your goddamn driver and go to town. Sure you need to work on your irons, but that can wait until the lady goes home.

If for some reason some Michelle Wie-esque broad comes in and starts driving it 300+ off the tee just get the hell out of there, because the only shaft she's ever grabbed is the one in her bag.


In 2016 half of your golf game is swag. Rickie Fowler would be someone you would want to shove into a locker if he didn't have that perfect flat brim hat and matching pants. Know what you can pull off. Make sure your club covers are on point and your khakis are ironed. Wrinkled clothes mean you can't take care of yourself so how is she going to expect you to take care of her boobs?

Look like the weekend athlete that you are and wear some Oakleys. Raybands are for the beach bro. Oh you're wearing cargo shorts? I'm surprised you're going to a driving range since you're usually at a playground offering children candy.

The Approach:

"Wanna start a foursome?"

"9 holes and chill?"

"My driver isn't actually my longest club"

"I'm stuggling out here because I'm used to only aiming for holes"

"My stroke is pure"

"I'd love to see your private club"

"I'd love to be a Tiger in your Woods"

"How's my approach"

"Lucky for you I don't have a handicap"

"Just finished a round…Wanna be my 19th hole today?"

"Just got these stiff shafts…whaddya think?"

Follow these few steps and you're be teeing off in her room that night. Just remember…it's all in the hips.





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