Hating on Olympic Golf

Screw Olympic Golf.

Let me tell you the story of a young golf bro. He started out playing with plastic clubs and balls, knocking them around while his dad took chip shots over his head in the back yard. That young bro eventually grew up and took lessons, played through high school, college, amateurs and maybe even made the PGA tour. He grew up watching the 4 different Major Championships, the Ryder Cup, seeing famous players make money and raise trophies. 

Tiger Woods US Open Champion

Ya know what he never gave a shit about growing up? Olympic Golf. 

It should be a prestigious tournament! Only played once every 4 years! It should feature the best golfers on the host nations' specifically built golf course. Everyone should be striving to win that gold medal and the opportunity to represent their country on the biggest stage. 

But the top four golfers in the world have dropped out of the Olympics. They can frame it as their worry about the safety of the events in Brazil and the Zika virus. 

But the truth is, they didn't grow up with Olympic Golf. It hasn't been an Olympic event in 112 years. There have been no golf gold medals handed out in generations. These players didn't grow up with golf in the Olympics and now they don't care. They care about the PGA tour majors and the FedEx Cup. The same major tournaments that, because of Olympics golf, lost a lot of their build up and flair this year due to the tightly squeezed PGA tour schedule.

Olympic Golf Major PGA Tournaments

Remember all the worry about the Beijing Olympics? The worry about the pollution, danger and oh yea, Communism. Remember the Sochi Olympics and their poor living conditions and political turmoil? All of these worries disappear when the athletes get to the Olympic Village. No smog, no terrorism, no poor living conditions, no dead bodies washing up on shore.  It's all a hype tool by the media to make sure you don't forget about the next upcoming Olympics. 

This bro thinks that the Brazilian Olympics will go off without a hitch. Because they always do. 

So go ahead and enjoy the 2016 Olympic Golf Tournament. I'm sure it will be fun to watch during this dead time in sports when the biggest story is how the Patriots will fare without Tom Brady for the first four games. 

But these Olympics won't tell us who the best golfer in the world is because the best and most entertaining golfers won't be there.  So this bro does not care. 

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