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The beginning of April is a special time of the year. The weather begins to get consistently warmer across America and that can only mean one thing…it's major season!

It's Masters Season!

Major Championships are the ultimate test of golf. The fairways are narrow, the rough is thick, the greens are glass-like, and the pin placement makes putting look like your local mini golf course. Major golf tournaments attract the die hard as well as casual fans. Any sporting event with this much notoriety in the United States will ultimately attract a plethora of gambling degenerates like you and me.


Here at Brofessional Golfer, we have created the only guide you will ever need for a glorious 4-day extravaganza of golf gambling.


Odds – Vegas Style

Easily the most common gambling method regardless of the sport or event. Vegas is begging you to take the odds, which is exactly why you shouldn't do so…unless you like playing the lottery. Favorites to win most PGA tournaments are usually around 7 to 1. Do not touch that. 7 to 1 odds on the favorite is a red flag that Vegas knows it's a god damn crap shoot. If golf was easy to predict, we'd be working with 3 to 1 or even 2 to 1 odds. If you're a true gambling man or if you've ever won the lottery, the only worthwhile odds bet is to take a dark horse long shot pick. Why do this you ask? Because the odds for some of these guys are anywhere from 100 to 1,000 to 1. Neither you nor Vegas know shit about these guys. We don't know who has been sneaking out to the range on a daily basis or who has found the next undetectable performance enhancer. Throw a buck on a couple 250 to 1 guys and see what happens.


Standard Pick Pool

Each player in the pool is free to pick any seven golfers they want. Players can select the same golfers. The two worst placed golfers at the end of the four day tournament don't count for each player’s overall score. The top five placed golfers in each lineup are averaged based on where they place in the field. If any golfers do not make the cut after day two, they will automatically be assigned a 50. You're in some deep shit if you pick more than 2 golfers that don't make the cut so choose wisely. If your average squad place is equal to someone else in the league, you can either use the 6th and 7th golfers if needed to break the tie. If still tied after that, go double your initial bets and play a round of 18 sudden death style.


Fantasy Draft Pool

Using the same rules as above, this is just like fantasy football with your pals except the league lasts 4 days instead of 4 months. Gather as many buddies as you can, choose an entry fee, randomly assign a draft order, and boom bada bing. This prevents everyone in the league from choosing the favorite on their roster.


Random Pick Out of Hat – Cost per Pick

Do not sleep on this game just because it's farther down on the list. Less widely known among gambling addicts, this savagely formed game is based on luck at first, but can quickly become more and more strategic as it progresses. Rules are similar to above where the winning player will have the best average finish place among their golfers. Selecting the golfers is the vocal point of the game. Each PGA golfer participant is put into a hat via tiny index cards or scraps of paper; whatever you have lying around at your crappy apartment. Each golfer pick will cost you real money and goes into the overall winning pot. The first round pick is most expensive and the cost per pick decreases each round. If you pick Spieth first round, then fuckity fuck fuck you lucky bastard, you should probably sit on your hands the rest of the draft. It gets interesting when a couple mid to long shot golfers are selected early on. Please comment or shoot us an email providing feedback on this game as it is a rarity among the gambling community.


Salary Cap

I'm absolutely in no fucking way promoting Draftkings or FanDuel. Fuck those sites and I'm not just saying that because they robbed me upwards of $500 over the course of 2 months last year. Okay, I'm definitely a bitter bitch on that one, but fuck I was caking up almost every NFL contest. Then all of a sudden I lose 10 straight. Is it because I made some questionable selections like Terrance Williams and Chris Hogan? Maybe. But I like to blame it on the math nerds who plug in formulas. I secretly envy their mental capacity in creating plug-in formulas to select guys flying under the radar…Rambling a bit here, but you all know how to do the salary cap shit right? You have a budget, each golfer costs a specific amount depending on skill level. I'm all heated now, I'm heading to the range.


That sums up the 2016 Brofessional Golfer guide to gambling on golf. Do you have any additional gambling methods worth sharing? Let us know, bro.



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