Guide to Golfing on NFL Sundays

Bros, the NFL season is in full effect, but that shouldn’t stop you from hitting the links with the boys on Sundays. The BG staff put together this guide to help you tee it up and also perform your duty as an American and watch football:


Tee Time

Sunrise on the Golf Course

If your team isn't already out of the playoff hunt by week 6, you'll want to tee off before 9 am to catch kick off. You’ll most likely be hung over, so be mentally prepared to suffer. Julio Jones plays weekly with a bum hammy, you can suck it up and break 100 with a slight headache.


Pace of Play

If you happen to tee off past 9 am, you’ll want to play quickly. Is the group in front of you holding you up? Go ahead, rope a drive in their direction to light a fire under their asses. Hopefully they'll get the message and hustle up. Common courtesy goes out the window here. Don’t even bother asking to play through, just do it.


How to Watch

Golf Cart TV

Shout out to Steve Jobs. That crafty nerd allowed us to watch football on our phones wherever we may be. Your golf cart should look like the operations room at NASA while live streaming all the games. This way you can be sure you won’t miss a second of the action if you tee off late. I prefer hitting the 19th hole to catch the games once your round is over. I’ve only been to Florida twice in my life, but aside from golf courses, the sunshine state has an abundance of Hooters establishments. Make Jon Gruden proud and pop in after the round to watch some pigskin.


Fantasy Team

The last thing you want is your star wide receiver to be declared doubtful as you unknowingly hit the turn. Make sure you have your phone on you at all times so you can properly manage your squad as the round progresses. Nothing is worse than getting smoked by your buddies out on the links and then returning home to find out half your team isn’t taking the field Sunday.








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As you know, we like to booze a little bit here at BG. Stock plenty of beers in your bag to prepare for the long day ahead of you. I don’t recommend getting absolutely trashed before the 1:00 games kick off; unless you’re a Browns fan. Are you even legally allowed to watch a Browns game sober?


Pairing Scenarios

Ideally you’ll want to tee off with your boys and not some random scrubs. It would make for an even more interesting round if the other three golfers are in your fantasy league. It’s always more enjoyable when you can talk shit to your buddy for starting Eli Manning over Ben Roethlisberger right after he hooks his tee shot into the pond.


Now get out there and go hit the links so you have time to watch your favorite team and your fantasy team both respectively lose. There's always next week, champ.

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