The Game of Golf Through TV Commericals

Matthew McConaughey Lincoln "Bull" Commercial - Golf and Advertising

Golf is a magnificent game to not only play, but to watch on the couch on a lazy Sunday. While watching the final round of a PGA major, the last thing I want is to be interrupted with television advertising. But if TV commercials need to be there, might as well relate them to game we all love and sometimes hate.


Matthew McConaughey “Bull” Lincoln Commercial vs. My Golf Ball Behind a Tree

That’s a big bull

That’s a big tree

I think that’s old Cyrus

I think that’s a white oak

1800 pounds of do whatever the heck I want

110 feet of massive leaf-covered branches

I can respect that

I can shoot over that

Take the long way huh?

Punch it out to the left huh?

Thank you Cyrus

Thank you white oak


Dos Equis Commercial vs. The Typical Brofessional Golfer

His fortune cookies simply read congratulations

His scorecards always read 97

Skinny dipping was his idea

Playing from the tips was his idea

He can slam a revolving door

He can slice a driver 300 yards dead right

He is the most interesting man in the world

He is the most average golfer in the world

I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis

I don’t always bring extra golf balls, but when I do, I prefer Wilsons


Michael Jordan “Failure” Nike Commercial vs. My Failure on the Golf Course

I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career

I’ve missed more than 9,000 fairways in my career

I’ve lost almost 300 games

I’ve quadruple bogeyed almost 300 holes

26 times I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot, and missed

26 times I’ve had 5 foot putts for eagle, and missed

I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life

I’ve thrown golf clubs over and over again on the course

And that is why, I succeed

And that is why, I suck Bar Commercial vs. My Golf Ball Behind a Telephone Pole

I’ve always found you don’t know you need a hotel room, until you’re sure you do

I’ve always found you don’t need to hit over a telephone pole, until you’re sure you do

Which is what makes using the mobile app so useful

Which is what makes having a lob wedge so useful

I could book a nearby hotel room from wherever I am

I can hit that sucker straight up in the air from wherever I am (hits pole and balls lands back in same spot)

Or I could not book a hotel room and put my cell phone back into my pocket as if nothing happened

Or I could hope nobody saw anything put the lob wedge back in my golf bag as if nothing happened, I don’t need it right now

My lob wedge, I don’t need it right now


Coors Banquet Commercial vs. Your Golf Game

When you’re strong willed, you do it your own way

When you hit your driver, you always slice it right

When you’re uncompromising, second best never crosses your mind

When you shank your tee shot, getting a par never crosses your mind

When you’re set in your ways, you stay true to your self

When you finish the front nine, you usually shotgun a beer

If you can drink to that, we got a beer, with your name on it

If you can play 18 while crushing Natty Lites, we got a golf ball, with your name on it

Coors, the banquet beer

Wilson, the degenerate golf ball


Now stop watching TV commercials on Youtube like a squid and go try to pick up girls at the local driving range.


Image via Youtube

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