Flashback Friday: Rogue Golf Carts!

Evel Knievel Style Golf Cart

Diet Dew still exist?


My Personal Favorite

Nothing like a trip to the hospital where the doctor asks, "So tell me what happened?" And you respond, "A driverless golfcart took a 90 degree turn and bee lined right at me."

Now this might be the most facsinating thing I post so we're gonna dissect this thing like the grassy knoll. How about the jabroni at 0:08 seconds falling over his own two feet.


You have a golf cart taking out everything in its sight, and this bum went down faster than Teddy Bridgewater. 

And how about the dude sitting in the golf cart after it bowls through the crowd? He's literally steering the wheel and then all of a sudden decides he needs to go into an instant state of paralysis. It's like the guy saw a t-rex and couldn't move or else it would see him and eat him. Just pencil dives off the cart like it ain't no thang. 


Let's take a look at this route it takes…




ICYMI: The Return of Tiger Woods




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