Flashback Friday: Nike “Play In The Now” Commercials

Nike Play in the Now Commercial RZN Golf Ball

Nike launched the "Play in the Now" commercial series back in 2014 to advertise their Covert Clubs, Lunar Control shoes, and RZN golf balls. The TV spots were not only funny, but also quite clever. 


Nike VR S Covert 2.0 Clubs

I love how visibly upset the guy in the club house bar is when comparing wood to steel. Slams down his straw with some authority. I'd also have to agree that persimmon is for degenerates. I'd definitely be the guy playing a beachwood thinking he's better than everyone else. 


Nike Lunar Control II Shoes

Steve's Nike golf polo is severely underrated in the second scene. Where can I find one of those? The only major edit I'd have for this TV spot is in the final scene I think the father should backhand slap his son across the face. Kid hasn't even milked the goat yet and he's pounding nails through his work boots. Unbelievable.


Nike RZN Golf Ball

Let's start with the obvious. Two incredible words are used in this commercial: twaddle and nincompoop. You're crazy if you don't think I'm working those into conversation tonight. I wish I was around in the good ole' days when nobody hit the golf ball over 150 yards. You think the playing field was more even back then or was there not even a playing field because everybody died of dysentery at 40 years old?  Love that the sport referenced in the final scene is simply the opening round to the World's Strongest Man. 


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Image via Youtube

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