Flashback Friday: Jackass Golf Course Airhorn


I know what you're thinking- what's bursitis? It's inflammation of fluid filled sacs in joints (thank you, Wikipedia). This stunt is outstanding in its own right, but can we talk about the cast of characters on this golf course? 


Appalled Woman

Jackass- Apalled woman

The Judge Smails of the group. You know she's marching straight to the ranger after this incident. Probably gonna tell him how she's played this course every Sunday for the last 6 years and that she wants a refund. Also has a handicap approaching her age.


Sweatpants woman

Jackass- Sweatpants woman

I'm all for comfort on the course, dont get me wrong. But I cant say Ive ever seen sweatpants on the course. Definite USGA violation here. Probably the wildcard/John Daly of the crew. Awful follow through but she's probably known for her recovery shots- only explanation for the sweats. Needs to be able to get a little dirty. Also, might be rocking a mullet. Business in the front, party in the back.


The Straightedge

Jackass- The straightedge

Gives appalled woman a run for her money. The straightedge is pissed by the lack of etiquette. Only problem is, she has no idea where the sound is coming from. Known for her power off the tee but lack of awareness where she hit it. Might have dementia.


Chester Arthur

Jackass- Mustache

An obvious ode to our 21st president, this hick's mustache means business on the course. If you ever are paired up with him, thank your lucky stars (is that a saying?). The horn got to him, no doubt, but do you think he really cares. He'll go back to his cart, take a swig of Pabst Blue Ribbon, tee up another, put it 280 yards down the middle, go home, plow his 2nd wife, pack a lip, and watch today's NASCAR race in peace. 


The Tagteam

Jackass- Tagteam

This guy throwing his club might be more disrespectful to the golf purest than Knoxville blowing the airhorn. But how about the "I'll give you something to play with pal" line. Sounds sexual in nature. Not sure what he was going for there. As far as his friend with the nut-huggers coming in as backup…


The Hardo

Jackass- Hardo

Between coming over as backup and not doing anything to bringing a gun to a knifefight (hitting balls in the woods), is anyone in this cast of characters more scared than him? Sunglasses covering the pure fear in his eyes. Overreaction city though. No aiming towards the highway pal. Violaters will be prosecuted. Didn't you read the sign?


Don't be afraid to ruffle some feathers this weekend. Let's get it!


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