Flashback Friday: Happy Gilmore Clown


Clowns are invading America. Happy Gilmore isn't the hero we want, but the hero we need. Seriously, screw this clown stuff. I don't need to be walking down the street with Krusty trying follow me home, stab me, and fornicate with my corpse. Screw that. Has that happened yet? No. But I'm not going to stick around so it does. 

Cheers to Penn State doing it up right…

(NSFW language)

If you're dressed as a clown, you 100% deserve to get tarred and feathered in the street. Would love to go clown hunting this weekend. Grab my 6 iron and paint the town. Yo Schank, B Roe, Rico, Neves- let hit the streets for some brofessional clown hunting this weekend.

Never trusted that Boppo either…


ICYMI: Golf carts may be more dangerous than clowns.

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