Flashback Friday: Golf Tantrums

So I guess people are saying Jordan Spieth had an "outburst" today as his ball rolled into the bunker. If "How is that in the bunker!?" is a tantrum, then hide the children when Kuchar says "Cmon, Matty!" Thus, I present you some great tantrums from years past:


Henrik Stenson

Lot of Henrik Stenson material out there but I'm a sucker for short and sweet.

Woody Austin

What a goddamn shirt that it. Take my wallet. Take a blank check and write whatever you want on is. Want it. Need it.

Bill O'Reilly

If Bill O'Reilly ever read something I wrote on the teleprompter and got as pissed as he did here, I would go into witness protection. Morale of the story, Jordan needs to step up his freak out game. I need it to be at least PG-13 to call it an outburst. Happy Gilmore-esque. Wouldn't mind if Spieth rode the bull after a big shot either.


ICYMI: WIll Ferrell accepts ESPY award on behalf of Tiger Woods.



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