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By now, you’ve probably heard of the new ultimate driving range experience called Top Golf. Talk about setting the bar high for driving ranges huh? This franchise has exploded onto the scene like a watermelon at a Gallagher show.

Watch the video below. I’m still awestruck by the design, promotion, and overall experience as a whole.

Top Golf does a great job at successfully jamming quite the ensemble of celebrity cameos into a one and a half minute video clip. They rightfully start with the shark, Greg Norman. Am I crazy about Troy Aikman in the video? Not really, but I get it. Dallas Cowboys. And they have the most franchise locations in Texas. I don’t know who Chita Johnson is, but does it matter? She is an absolute smoke show. Hunter Mahan is there “having a good time” as we’d expect from a Golf Boy. Bringing up the rear is another Dallas Cowboy, Tony Romo. I’m surprised he got through that brief interview without breaking his collarbone.


We at Brofessional Golfer are already sold on Top Golf and here’s why you should be too:


Good for the Game

Greg Norman is right per usual, but it’s not only good for the game, it’s phenomenal. The best part of it all is that it helps not only promote and spread the love of golf, but it perhaps turns a new leaf on golf culture. Nobody is a bigger advocate for partying on the golf course than the Brofessional Golfer. Golf can have tradition and deep roots in history, but it’s time to modernize the game for 2016 and beyond.

Yes, that's Drake at a Top Golf

Top Golf has helped lead this charge, but we’d also like to see more things like glow golf. For those who haven’t experienced this, glow golf is playing a round of golf late at night using a glow-in-the-dark golf ball where the fairways, greens, and pins are lit up.

Glow Golf

Glow Golf is Awesome!

An alternative would also be just having more courses open late that have sufficient stadium-like lighting.

Lighted Fairways and Greens at Night

Lighted Fairways and Greens. We Need More of This!

We can tackle this in another article, but you get the picture I’m painting here. Primetime golf equals primetime fun. This is a practical way to grow the game.


The Experience

It’s about time that booze, girls, live music, and fine dining are shoved in your face at the driving range. I love the fact that you and your buddies can get absolutely plastered while you each take hacks at the range continuously wagering the next round of whiskey shots on the plethora of range games offered at Top Golf. Too inebriated to even swing the sticks?  Wander over to the bar or club and finish getting sauced before the DJ gets underway at the concert venue. And talk about picking up chicks at the driving range, at Top Golf it almost seems too easy. Here, I wrote your pickup line for you: “Shot for shot?” Do I mean golf shot? Do I mean vodka shot? Exactly.


For example, check out the Top Golf at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas:

The MGM Grand Top Golf Experience:

Levels 1 & 2: All Ages    

Levels 3 & 4: 21+

4th floor: Rooftop Event Space, views of the Strip, bar, and hitting bays

5 bars: Varies with Indoor/Outdoorsetting, small stage, rooftop view and swim-up bar

Callaway Fitting Studio: Work on your golf swing, or get custom-fitted for clubs which can be sent directly to the guest’s home within 48 hours

105,000 sq. ft., 108 climate-controlled hitting bays


The 21 and older levels are key. I don’t need a toddler bumping into me spilling my whiskey sour while I’m working on buying drinks for a female candidate. Five bars seem more than adequate and will allow for multiple opportunities to scout the talent. Hold the phone…there is a freakin' swim-up bar? That might be the biggest game changer of all. Almost too many amenities to use while macking on chicks or even just hanging with the bros. The icing on the cake would have to be the Callaway Fitting Studio. So you’re telling me that I can get drunk with my pals at the range and then stumble over to the studio to get custom-fitted for clubs that arrive at my household in 48 hours? Sounds like the bank account will be at mercy.

We are psyched to soon experience our first Top Golf. We'd love to hear about any Top Golf experiences and use them to create a follow-up article. Feel free to share with us below or shoot us an email at brofessionalgolfer@gmail.com.


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