Donald Trump vs Oscar De La Hoya

De La Hoya

We’ve seen which candidates you’d want to golf with. Now we have a report that "The Golden Boy" Oscar De La Hoya is calling out the Donald Trump’s golf course reputation. De La Hoya talks about playing with Trump at Trump National Golf Club in Los Angeles. First things first, I have no horse in this race. Screw politics. But "if you take a swing at the GOP nominee, you best not miss."

The article published by Yahoo Sports states:

“The Golden Boy said Trump hit four balls off the first tee: The first found a water hazard, then pulled another left out of bounds, a third into the water and then a fourth into the bushes. According to De La Hoya, Trump said he was just warming up, although that's a generous two balls more than the typical two-off-the-first okie-dokie on the first tee.”

De La Hoya sounds like a straight-edge, in other words, a pain in the ass to play with, but 4 balls does sound excessive. If you can’t pipe the first one down the middle, sure, take another wack- I didn’t see anything. The second shot is shanked? Fine take another shot, but you gotta start taking strokes sometime today. Third shot- water again? At this point, if I’m playing with you, you’re pissing me off. Just lay up. Take your putter out and roll it somewhere in the direction of the fairway. Pick it up and throw it. I don’t care. But 4 shots!? C’mon, Donald. The fourth couldn’t be found either…

So he hit two in the water you say, Oscar? Well, if this isn’t the 17th at Sawgrass, than that is embarrassing. I gotta see how tough this hole is…

Trump National LA Hole 1

Oscar seems like a real hardo so I’m assuming he’s playing from the blues. 314 yards? Ok not long. Now where’s that water…?

I can’t say I’ve ever played this hole, but that water is surrounding the green- the green that is 314 yards away from the tee-box. So what does it mean? Either this story is 100% lie from the Golden Boy, or Donald Trump drives it as far as any 69 year old I’ve ever seen. What a legend! De La Hoya just turned Trump into goddamn Thor in my eyes.

Donald, son of Odin

Donald, son of Odin

I could tell you De La Hoya has been anti-Trump for awhile now, but, like I said, I don’t care about the politics. The article ended saying, “I’m not [voting] for someone who cheats in golf.” For anyone who has a handicap nipping at their age, they’d have to say to Oscar, “Relax. Who really cares?” What an asshat…


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