Dogs on the Golf Course

Brofessional Golfer - Dogs on the Golf Course

Everyone needs to bring their dog on the golf course. Dogs are the sole proprietor of the term “man’s best friend” and would carry the weight of that title with ease when out on the links. Here are just a few reasons bringing your canine for a round would be beneficial:



Walking your dog on the weekdays before or after the 9-to-5 grind is no big deal right? Your life sucks on those days anyways so why not get some easy exercise while Sparky has the best day of his life. But as the weekend draws near, the thought of walking Sparky on the two sacred YOLO days is not as appealing. Chances are you’ll be deathly hung over both days and the only motivation lifting you off the couch you’ve successfully melted in is the 18 holes of golf you booked midweek that you now are secretly regretting. How can you give Sparky his daily exercise when you yourself may keel over by the 8th hole? The ability to bring your dog on the golf course would certainly kill two birds with one stone. Let Sparks frolic around and have the best day of his life while you fail to fix that hankering slice.


Wild Animals

 Dog with Goose 

We’ve all dealt with wild animals on the golf course. Hopefully you haven’t had any direct encounters that left you or the animal wounded. Flock of geese surrounding your Titleist and the alpha male is getting hostile? Send Duke in there to clear the way. Gator guarding your Top Flite? I hope Duke is a German Shepherd. Rabbits humping on top of your Callaway? Duke will end the lovemaking. What animals do other parts of the country deal with? Bears? Komodo Dragons? I hope Duke doesn’t try to be a hero.


Ball Retrieving

Dog Retriever

Quality ball tracking GPS technology for the weekend hacker is coming, but it's not quite here yet. Wouldn’t it be great if all wasn’t lost when you slice your Srixon into the woods or better yet the pond? What if you successfully trained Cooper to start running upon golf ball contact? Even if his success rate was 50%, you’d have to be pretty satisfied with the effort. Maybe dunk your ball in a can of Purina just to get the scent going. Help Cooper help you.


Unbiased Comfort

Dog Comforting Vladimir Putin

The best part about bringing a pooch on the golf course. You may hate yourself when you miss that 2 foot par putt or when your drive doesn't make it past the lady's tees. But you know who still loves you? Your furry best friend. Dexter will joyfully scamper over every time ensuring that those thoughts of quitting golf for good escape your conscious.


Pure Enthusiasm

I don’t know about you, but I thrive on enthusiasm. If you or I drain a 60 foot putter whether it’s for birdie or double bogey, I’m going nuts. If you or I sink any shot from off the putting surface, I’ll go bonkers. Imagine having Rex alongside for the excitement. Nothing’s better than when your dog has no idea why he’s amped up, but just is because you are.

Dogs belong on the golf course. Need I say more?


Do golf courses generally allow dogs to frolic around on their carefully maintained lawn? Probably not, but I’ve seen it! It exists. It’s probably a mix of who you know with what time you tee off. Best bet is to become a regular at your local course and eventually try bringing your four-legged friend either early in the morning or at dusk. Let us know if you’ve been successful.


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