Danny Willett Agrees With Brother About American Fans

While DL3 and the boys were celebrating their huge Ryder Cup victory, Danny Willett was bitching about the American fans. After Willett’s brother made some bullshit comments about the USA fans, the bros went America all over Europe’s ass and brought the cup back home.

Willett actually had to apologize for his brother and then went on to lose all three of his matches in his Ryder Cup debut. Not a good look bro.

Willett said "unfortunately some American fans showed that Pete was in fact correct.. Nothing to blame my bad play on.. But still shows that sometimes fans don't know when to call it a day.. Shame really!!"

What he really meant was that some fans didn’t know when to dial down their freedom. Oh I’m sorry Danny boy, did the rowdy fans get in your head? What did this cheeky bastard expect, a bunch of well behaved chaps casually enjoying a spot of tea? You’re in America bro; go back across the pond if you want to be surrounded by sheep shaggers. The crowds in Minnesota were absolute savages, which made me proud to be an American. Sounds like true patriotism to me.


It seems Willett never learned what Mel Gibson was trying to teach the world when he made arguably one of the best movies of all time, The Patriot. If you talk shit about America, we will shut you down. Mel Gibson’s character Benjamin Martin famously said “the battle was over before it began”…which it sure was for the 2016 Ryder Cup.

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