Classic One Liners After Your Opening Drive

 Classic One Liners Opening Driver

In golf, some people say that you can tell exactly how you're gonna play from the first drive of the day. I think I just wrote another haiku. I'm so good at that. Nevertheless, you and I have been on both ends of the spectrum when it comes to having a promising opening drive. Meaning we've heard it all, from the praise to the pity. The BG staff tossed together a list of classic one liners you'll hear from your group after your opening drive on the golf course. We've left out some on purpose as we didn't want you to spend too much time reading this instead of finishing up those TPS reports.

  1. "It opens up over there"
  2. "You'll find it"
  3. "That'll play"
  4. "Might want to hit a provisional"
  5. "Why don't you hit a breakfast ball?"
  6. "You can use a mulligan if you want"
  7. "You might want to yell "fore" man"
  8. "You picked your head up"
  9. "Get the bad ones out of the way early"
  10. "Got under that one, huh?"
  11. "You tee'd it up too high"
  12. "You tee'd it up too low"
  13. "You can still play it from that other fairway"
  14. "You should've took a practice swing"
  15. "Why did you take so many practice swings?"
  16. "Really shanked that one, huh?"
  17. "Maybe driver isn't the right club here"
  18. "That might have caught the fairway bunker"
  19. "Got away with that one"
  20. "That landed really hot, hopefully it held up"
  21. "I think that rolled into the rough"
  22. "The wind really got a hold of that one"
  23. "I think that rolled into the brook"
  24. "You should still be able to bogey this"
  25. "I think that hit the cart path"
  26. "Don’t' worry, we have a lot of golf left"
  27. "What degree loft is that driver?"
  28. "How old is that driver?"
  29. "Doesn't sound like there is any pop left in that driver"
  30. "Did you slip?"
  31. "I'd look into getting a new driver"
  32. "I lost it"
  33. "Come back"
  34. "Hold on"
  35. "Sounded good"
  36. "Good poke"
  37. "You're gonna like that"
  38. "Good shot"

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