Celebrity Post: The PGA is Ruining America

Donald Trump on Golf Channel

Now that this site is becoming really popular, celebrities occasionally want to use us as platform to get their message across. This week we have Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump.

"Did you hear what they did? Did you hear what the PGA Tour did to me? What they did to America? So unfair. Let me tell you. When I am President this will never happen again. Never ever. Can you believe them? Moving the World Golf Championship from my beautiful magnificent course to some slum south of the border. Can you believe that? Ruining a perfectly good tournament to stick it to me. The head of the PGA must be a big fan of Crooked Hillary or Crazy Bernie. Let me tell you. I don't like that guy. Not one bit. 

I'm not saying Tim Finchem should watch his back or anything. I'm sure Tim is a great guy. However, Tiny Tim should probably realize that I'm just a few months away from becoming one of the most powerful people in the world. He may not want to stand in the way of Making America Great Again or he'll find himself on the wrong side of the wall I'm going to build. I'm going to build a big beautiful wall and Mexico will pay for it. Now that Tiny Tim has moved a tournament to Mexico, they'll have more money to give us so I'm going to make the wall another five feet higher. Then I'm going to bring golf back to America where it belongs. At one of my beautiful courses. 

We won't get any more beautiful moments like the one below. Dustin Johnson is a great American who shouldn't have to cross a border to play the great American game of golf. Do they even golf in Mexico?

Dustin Johnson represents all that is good with America. Good clean citizen with tremendous values

Dustin Johnson represents all that is good with America. Good clean citizen with tremendous values

I know there is no way all the players will go to that tournament. People will get kidnapped. Mexico is not a safe place. Drugs everywhere. Miami is not somewhere where drugs run rampant. You're going to move away from the beach and go into a dangerous country? Not good. Not good at all.

Trump courses are among the safest places in the world. I have many friends who love to watch golf. Great friends. Tremendous people. They are not going to go see this tournament. It's shameful. It really is. When I am President we will never, ever have this issue. We are going to make golf great again, but more importantly Make America Great Again."  


Donald Trump


PS- You thought that alligator all over the internet last week was huge? Have you seen the gators on my courses? Huge I tell you. Absolutely huge. Some of the greatest gators you'll ever see. Magnificent creatures.


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