Bro Guide to Attending a PGA Tour Event

Guide to Attending PGA Tour Event

The Brofessional Golfer staff recently attended the Travelers Championship in Cromwell, CT. Attending a PGA tournament is a severely underrated experience if you’re a golf fan, a common sports fan, or just like to savagely day drink on the weekends. Golf tournaments are unique in that you can go wherever you want to go and watch whoever you want to watch when on the grounds. You can pretty much do whatever the hell your heart desires. You’re not glued to a plastic seat next to a 300 pound hillbilly who dripped mustard onto your shoe in the first quarter and now you have to act like you don’t care because you have three more hours of game watching time aside this deadbeat.

Anybody can waltz into a PGA Tour event all willy nilly and watch some quality golf shots, but it’s important to understand the various nuances that separate the shoobies from the brofessionals. That is why we put together a Bro Guide for fully taking advantage of a day on the grounds at any PGA Tour event:


Assemble a Legendary Crew

TPC Scottsdale 16th Hole

Your crew will make or break the entire day so don’t just toss together a rag tag group of browannabes. Each member of your squad either needs to be a golf nut or just a bro who thoroughly enjoys a day of boozing and banter. Pretty simple and feasible criteria here. If you’re able to include the rare and highly coveted female golf enthusiast or two, than more power to you.


Pregame Before Entering the Grounds

Are PGA tournaments as rowdy as other sporting events? No, unless you’re at the 16th of TPC Scottsdale. But the fact remains that you’ll be consuming a plethora of alcohol at an inflated cost throughout the day. You’re going to want to enter the tournament grounds already a little loose to keep the wallet in check. I’m not saying you should blast Ludacris and do keg stands in the parking lot, but certainly get that initial base. A casual Natty Light shotgun and a few hauls from an Evan Williams handle should do the job.


Dress to Impress

PGA Event Attire

Two ways you can go here. You can go for the PGA professional look. Throw on that $85 Nike polo with the $65 Under Armour shorts along with your $150 Footjoys. Let everyone think you’re a scratch golfer when in reality you break more clubs than you do 100 on the scorecard. The PGA professional look is recommended if you’re planning on networking at the event (keep reading). The other attire choice is to dress like a straight up brofessional. This typically includes a bucket hat or vintage visor along with a Hawaiian shirt or any flashy SSBD (short sleeve button down). You want fellow patrons to see your crew as the pinnacle of success. If you’re unsure what to wear, take a look at what your golf apparel says about you.


Follow a Prominent Group

The bigger the names, the rowdier the gallery. We recently followed Ernie Els, Keegan Bradley, and Louis Oosthuizen at the Travelers Championship. Needless to say, the crowd was quite rambunctious for a multitude of reasons. You had The Big Easy, always a people pleaser. You had Keegan, The People’s Golfer via Bartstool. And you had Louie, Shrek lookalike and former Master’s runner up. Following the leaders is great and all, but the energy will be palpable with a big name group.


Hang Out at Some YOLO Holes

After you’ve followed a legendary group and got your lay of the land, consider plopping down at a couple exciting holes. Your best bets are easy par 3’s, driveable par 4’s, and eagleable par 5’s. You’re gonna want to say that you saw the hole in one that Ernie Els got on 16 and not have to say that you missed it because I was standing in line for buffalo mac n’ cheese in the fan zone.


Have Proper Drink Etiquette

I don’t recommend becoming belligerently drunk and getting kicked out of a PGA event, but if that’s your thing that’s your thing. I do recommend having an aggressive buzz throughout the entire day. Sneaking in hard liquor is a sneaky move, but with the pat-downs at every sporting event nowadays, that may be easier said than done. Thanks Obama. A veteran move is nestling a koozie in your back pocket for when you crack that first beer of the day. PGA tournaments do have a very fair selection of wine as well as your classic beer. Ordering a glass of cabernet is bold, but respectable. Ordering a tall boy of Michelob Ultra is neither of the above.


Come Prepared to Shout

I’m passionate about this one. Make Golf Great Again! Nobody and I mean nobody dislikes the post shot gallery yell. Too many PGA employees and volunteers telling you to be quiet all day long.  It’s nice when you’re able to take the edge off by shouting “RIP Harambe!”after a drive by Kuchar down the middle. Get creative, but also pick your spots. Don’t beat a dead horse and scream after every shot. Less is more in this scenario. Need some ideas? Check out our Guide to Shouting at a PGA Tour Event.


Experience VIP

PGA Tour Vip

Whether you have an inside hookup, sneak in, or purchase passes with cold hard cash, I highly recommend experiencing VIP at a PGA event. Not only do you have prime visibility of the holes atop all the peasants, you also usually have access to free food and alcohol.  Why drink Bud Lights all day with the rest of the gallery when you can suckle down back to back vodka tonics? The icing on the cake is that the pass dangling from the lanyard around your neck instantly makes you better than everyone else not wearing one.


Make Connections

Watching golf is about as casual as it gets. It’s a perfect opportunity for small talk between shots when following a group or when living that VIP life. You’re going to have your fair share of executives and big wigs in attendance who will also be boozing. Doesn’t hurt to strike up a casual conversation about what club Bubba is gonna use next followed by your opinion of the current stock market conditions. Additionally, there is always a slight chance of running into some female talent. First, double check that they aren’t the wives of any PGA tour players. If they are the rare breed of chicks who are on the grounds enjoying a “day of golf”, please capitalize on the opportunity. Nine holes and chill?

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