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Best Golf Nicknames - Craig Stadler

You can tell everything about a man by the nickname he answers to. Every nickname has a meaning and has been rightfully earned by the individual. Some nicknames don't make any sense. Some nicknames have negative connotations. And some nicknames perfectly fit the mold of describing that said person. We've compiled a comprehensive list of the best nicknames in golf from former and current PGA tour players. Enjoy.


Craig Stadler – The Walrus

Craig Stadler looks like a Walrus

The 1982 Masters champion looks more like a walrus than most actual walruses. He started his own apparel line featuring the large marine mammal as the logo so I would say he lucked out on his nickname.


Miguel Angel Jimenez – The Mechanic

Jimenez is one of the most popular personalities on tour and an absolute boss. He’s nicknamed “The Mechanic” due to his love for high end performance cars. He is also known as “The Most Interesting Golfer in the World” as he is commonly confused with the Dos Equis spokesman, truly a man amongst men.


Ernie Els – The Big Easy

Known as “The Big Easy” due to his imposing presence, Els plays big as well. It’s hard to not be intimidated being paired with the world’s former number one golfer.  He also received his nickname because his swing is smooth like a slice of butter melting over a pile of flapjacks.


Greg Norman – The Shark

Greg Norman The Shark

Oh my god. Are you kidding me?! Norman probably has one of the best nicknames in golf. If a man tells you he wouldn’t want to be called “The Shark”, he’s a god damn liar. Greg Norman’s father is probably the proudest man on earth.


Fred Couples – Boom Boom

Freddy Couples is a legendary human being and one of the most charismatic golfers to be on tour. Not only are his long drives impressive, he has also won 5 skins matches winning over $3 million. Not bad Freddy, not bad.


Vijay Singh – The Big Fijian

A self explanatory nickname but I respect it. My uncultured ass knows nothing about Fiji, but I’m sure Vijay enjoyed plenty of exotic women back in his homeland after receiving this nickname.


Tim Herron – Lumpy

Not sure I would be too thrilled if I were nicknamed “Lumpy” but Tim Herron has earned a cool $18.7 million during his career. I’m sure that amount of money eases the pain of everyone on tour thinking you’re overweight.


Lee Trevino – The Merry Mex

Lee Trevino Happy Gilmore

Trevino’s real claim to fame is his cameo appearance in Happy Gilmore. However, he achieved stardom long before Sandler’s film on the PGA Tour as “The Merry Mex”. The old guy was struck by lightning during the 1975 Western Open and continued playing for Christ’s sake. We might as well start calling him Jesus too.


Sergio Garcia – El Nino

Obviously Sergio isn’t a fan favorite here in America, but you have to respect the nickname. He’s lucky “The Choke Artist” doesn’t sound catchy in Spanish. Despite his mishaps, “El Nino” is a force to be reckoned with on tour.


Louis Oosthuizen – Shrek

Louis Oosthuizen Shrek

Clearly Louis doesn’t mind the nickname since he has a Shrek head cover for his driver. He seems like the type of guy who could never have his feathers ruffled. I’m sure some players try to get in his head and make fun of his ogre like appearance, but Louis smokes ‘em on the course.


John Daly – Long John, Wild Thing, The Lion

Dear God, Daly’s nicknames are fire. Not only was he given two incredible nicknames, he calls himself “The Lion”. Normally when people coin their own nicknames it’s pathetic, but Daly can do whatever the hell he wants. This man is a legend.


Angel Cabrera – El Pato

His nickname simply means “The Duck”, because he walks likes one. Much like “El Nino”, it’s obvious that any nickname in Spanish sounds badass. Cabrera is just an absolute boss and doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks while he rips cigs all day long.


Gary Player – The Black Knight

Gary Player Black Knight

Hell of a nickname here. “The Black Knight” is amongst the greatest golfers of all time. His nickname also ranks as one of the best in my opinion. He is also known as “Mr. Fitness” for his impressive physique considering his old age.


Charles Howell III – Chucky Three Sticks

I really hope Howell loves his nickname because just about every golf broadcaster gets giddy when they throw it out on the airwaves. Vern sounds noticeably fired up when he dishes out “Chucky Three Sticks” as Howell approaches the tee, and we all benefit from that.


Phil Mickelson – Lefty

Obviously Phil got this nickname because he is a lefty golfer. Not the most impressive nickname, but Phil is undoubtedly a legend amongst PGA golfers and has always been a fan favorite. If his gambling habits were known early on he might’ve been given a more appropriate nickname.


Eldrick Woods – Tiger

Easily the best nickname in golf. People don’t even refer to him as Eldrick that’s how prominent his nickname has become. I doubt Tiger would’ve had the same sexual prowess if he introduced himself as Eldrick.


Ben Hogan – The Hawk

This nickname just has a hell of ring to it. Being named after the apex predator of birds definitely got Hogan fired up. It’s rare that golfers nowadays receive nicknames as glorious as Ben Hogan.


Jack Nicklaus – The Golden Bear

Jack Nicklaus Golden Bear

Arguably one of the most recognizable nicknames in golf, Nicklaus received his nickname from an Australian writer who compared him to a cuddly, golden bear. In his early days on tour he was often referred to as “Fat Jack” or “Ohio Fats”, so obviously he embraced “The Golden Bear” and became one of the best all time.


Arnold Palmer – The King

Arnold Palmer

The nickname speaks for itself. Arnold Palmer is one of the best to ever hit the links and his nickname demands respect. Even at the age of 86, Palmer remains “The King” of golf. No one player has made an impact on the game of golf like Palmer has and it will probably be a long time until any golfer surpasses him.

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  • You really think "Lumpy" is a better golf nickname than "Boss of the Moss"…your list list all credibility bu omiting Loren Roberts.

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