Best of Family Guy Golfing

If you have any appreciation for comedy, you're probably in agreement that Family Guy is one of the best programs on television over the past two decades. Everything and I mean everything can be related back to a Family Guy clip. Hell, over half of my repertoire used on a Saturday night is based off something I've seen from Family Guy. The Brofessional Golfer staff dug through the Family Guy archives to find all the best clips of Peter Griffin and friends on the golf course. Enjoy:


Peter takes Lois out for a round of golf

When "Nine Holes and Chill?" goes horribly wrong. Every man's worst nightmare.


Phil Mickelson's Wife

There's a downhill lie for ya.


The Invention of Golf

Way to hold nothing back, Angus.


Annika Sorenstam is a Fraud

I knew it, too.


Buy Waffles!

Hell of an investment. Eggo Waffles stock soared that year.


Quagmire Goes Ballistic

Don't worry. We've already sent Quagmire our guide to Anger Management on the Golf Course.


Hope you all enjoyed these clips. I'm just kidding, I know you all enjoyed these because they are fucking hilarious. Peace bros.

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