Best of East Lake and the TOUR Championship

Jordan Spieth TOUR Championship

It's only Tuesday, but the Brofessional Golfer staff is already antsy for the TOUR Championship beginning on Thursday and the compelling conclusion of the 2016 FedExCup Playoffs. We unveiled our Tiered Power Rankings yesterday and we'll have a preview and all that tomorrow, don't worry. But we wanted to get the juices flowing all around with some TOUR Championship highlights since East Lake Golf Club became the permanent host in 2004.

Welcome to Atlanta, where the player's play:


Bill Haas Pars Hole 17 From the Water at 2011 TOUR Championship

If you're read our hate/love post on water in the game of golf, then this is child's play. Just a classic water save from Bill Haas, which propelled him to win the 2011 FedExCup Playoffs and a casual $10 million dollars. Bill Haas hasn't been super competitive recently, but would you still work on your golf game day in and day out if you got a FAT check for $10 million? Me neither. 


Top 10 Shots From TOUR Championship Since 2007

Hotlanta brings the heat, but that doesn't mean East Lake can't be had. Some crafty golf shots right there. How about Keegan doing "The Dufner" after holing out? We might have to bring back "Dufnering"…..#BringBackDufnering


Rory McIlroy's Golf Ball Finds Fan's Pocket at 2014 TOUR Championship

Pretty impossible odds here. Dude, how big are your pockets? The question is, did Rory try and grab the guy's pocket at 0:51 seconds? I hope not, but it appears he almost went for it. That spectator literally controlled Rory's future at East Lake that day. Doubtful anyone saw the ball land in his pockets. He could've kept walking and have Rory take a drop. Good for you, spectator, good for you.


Jordan Spieth Wins 2015 TOUR Championship

Winners win. Don't be surprised if Jordan comes out of nowhere and wins the FedExCup again. 


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