The Anti-Tiger Woods Post

Tiger Woods Bug Eyed

This was originally going to be a post celebrating the best of Tiger Woods to get the people going for the Safeway Open this week. Unfortunately, as you've probably heard, Tiger Woods has officially withdrawn from the Safeway Open. His return to professional golf is a fugazi at this point. I think I speak for everyone when I say it would have been nice to see him attempt a comeback. Whether he falters or not, he could've taken on the role as America's golfing underdog. Tiger decided to concede and wave the white flag. So in honor of Tiger quitting on America, we decided to feature the most unfortunate photos and videos of Tiger's career:


Tiger Woods Dropping to his Knees at The Barclays

Tiger made so many broads drop to their knees in his prime. It was only right for him to get a taste of his own medicine.


Tiger Woods Missing Tooth

Tiger Woods Tooth Accident

Tiger claimed a cameraman knocked his tooth out by accident although there was some controversy due to the zero swelling and inflammation of the surrounding area. I bet the tooth fell out after a sexual role play with one of his strippers went wrong.


Tiger Woods Swearing in Front of Children

This video kills two birds with one stone as it is also a Tiger Woods bad shot compilation


Tiger Woods Up Close and Personal

Tiger Woods You Okay Bro?

You okay bro?


Tiger Woods Full Apology

Had to include it.


I didn't want to post this, Tiger. You gave me no choice. Don't go out like this, bro. Come back and make me eat my words.

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