9th Green At 9:00 – Top Golfers to Party With (Tour Championship Edition)

No flashback Friday today but sink your teeth into last week's since it was so good. In the Spring, I released the top golfers to party with. Now in the spirit of all things Tour Championship and all things brofessional, let's do a new edition. I present to you, the Top Golfers To Party With participating in the Tour Championship. 30 golfers to choose from. 9 choices to meet you on the 9th green at 9:00. 1 goal- getting hammered. 


Dustin Johnson

He made the list in the Spring and is one of two holdovers. That was before he was Dustin, the best golfer on the planet. The only thing that has changed? He now has a winner's mentality. Sign me and Dusty up for next on the beer pong table. Dude's a winner now; and partying is like riding a bike… Actually, it's probably not. Screw it. Dustin, step into my office…


Justin Thomas

JT, Jordan Spieth, Rickie Fowler, Smylie Kaufman, and a martini

JT, Jordan Spieth, Rickie Fowler, Smylie Kaufman, and a martini

I mean what a crew pictured above; two of them flaunting luscious playoff staches. I grew a mustache once. Anytime I would go out with a mustache, I would get as drunk as possible. Why? You can't be a sober guy with a mustache. Creepy as hell. I'm thinking that's what the strategy with this crew is. JT's glossed eyes tell me they'd all be welcomed to the 9th Green at 9:00. #JTForTheCup


Daniel Berger

Feel like Berger should be involved with the JT crew. He's 23, has the sorority girlfriend, went to one of the biggest party schools around (Florida St). Maybe he and Brooks Koepka already have an FSU crew I don't know about (I hope so). He's already such a long shot to win the Tour Championship, I wouldn't be surprised if he snuck a few drinks in during the round yesterday. It would explain the +4. 


Jason Dufner

The second holdover from the list in the Spring, and not much has changed. He's a hero to many. I feel like he has no right being a professional golfer. Not sure if it's the way he carries himself or the way he packs lips… or his gut but whatever it is he found a way. Seems like a chill guy too. I bet he's not even a stickler for the rules if you played a round with him. I have nothing to base that off of other than his laidback aura. Cheers, Duf.


Paul Casey

Paul Casey? Yes Paul Casey. Schank ran into Casey at TPC Boston and he seemed to be really into the BG vibe. Love it. He has saved his best for the playoffs too. A real competitor. He'd make a great flip cup anchor- adverse to the pressure and brings his best at the end.


Russell Knox

Ever go drinking with a Scottsman? I haven't. That's actually my only reason…


Phil Mickelson

Sit tight, Phil. I'll bring the beer.

Sit tight, Phil. I'll bring the beer.

I'm a fan of a little experience in my partiers. Lefty has had a long, profitable career. The uber rich party at a different level than us common folk. I'd love to get a taste of that with Phil. Plus, imagine the legendary things we would bet on once we got hammered. 


William McGirt and Patrick Reed

I combined the final 2 here. A lot of overlap in the venn diagram for these two. Overweight, Americans. Love it. McGirt looks like he pounds. Reed has a reputation for being a hothead. You need at least one person at the party who takes things too far and starts fights. Feel like McGirt would bring a veteran presence. Would love to see what McGirt brings to the table for thumper. Thumper is kind of a sneaky game. It's rarely played but never really had a bad time playing it. In fact, I don't even know the rules. Are there rules? Literally every round ends like this too…


Well there you go. Enjoy the Tour Championship. Have some pumpkin beer or something like that. Let's get after it this weekend!


Did I miss anyone? Let me know.

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